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Quotes Your ideas have merit and are greatly intriguing... Quotes
Professor Thomas Herron
Editor, Explorations in Renaissance Culture

Quotes You are playing an important role in an important scholarly discussion. Quotes
Leo Daughertly
Shakespearean Scholar

Quotes Wriothesley has long been the favoured candidate for Shakespeare's young man, why could he not also be the prime candidate for Barnfield ? Quotes
George Klawitter
Shakespearean Scholar/Richard Barnfield editor

Quotes Michael Mooten provides convincing evidence of the identities of the Fair Youth, Dark Lady and Rival Poet of The Sonnets. In addition he sheds new light on the authorship debate through his detailed research and pragmatic approach. And it's fun too! Written with refreshing style that will engage you from start to finish. Quotes
Distance Education Specialist

Quotes You have quite a few plausible theories here. Quotes
Dr Ian Wilson
Shakespearean Scholar author of Shakespeare's dark Lady

Quotes I read your online book with interest. I admire it in many ways and agree with it on some points. I love the spirit in which your work is done . It is lively and exciting and passionate, and for that reason alone quite a bit better than the boring stuff being churned out on Tudor-Stuart stuff by people in "English" Keep rolling. I think there is truth at the heart of your work. All good wishes Leo. Quotes
Leo Daugherty Shakespearean Scholar.
Professor Interdisciplinary Studies Virginia University

Quotes Thanks for presenting this evidence Quotes
Gary Taylor
Professor English Department Florida State University