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Posted by Michael Mooten on September 29, 2010 at 3:50 PM

 Greetings and welcome  to the first internet site dedicated solely to decoding the full libel of Willobie His Avisa..   the book Willobie his Avisa is one of my interests and  I have read it over 300 times . Also I have studied the text of the original 1594 edition.  I now feel that I am in a strong position to understand exactly  who wrote this book, why it was written ,what this book is saying  and who it is referring to .

The book represents an ironic libel that really only its targets would have fully understood.

For over two hundred years  there has been a strong suspicion that Willobie His Avisa is telling us something important about both Shakespeare and Wriothesley but it has been placed in the "too hard " basket.

 The book is of enormous importance to Shakespearean studies because I think that  it can identify the protagonists of the sonnets.   The Sonnets cannot be understood without their protagonists, The Dark Lady, The Fair Youth , The Rival Poet and  being formally identified.

In 1594 Shakespeare was inadvertently entangled in a string of libels that were directed at the Essex circle.

It is these libels that give us the answer.

My argument is that the mystery of the sonnets  can definitely be solved .

I think that The Fair Youth and The Dark Lady were both Aristocrats  who belonged to the same aristocratic circle and I think they were Henry Wriothesley and  Penelope Rich respectively .

I  also think the Rival Poet and the author of Willobie His Avisa  was a homosexual poet who was infatuated with  Henry Wriothesley and hated both William Shakespeare and Penelope Rich because he saw both as being rivals for the object of his affection. I think he was behind the ironic libel Willobie His Avisa  ( which ironically attacks both Avisa ( Penelope Rich) and W.S. ( William Shakespeare).

 I think the Rival Poet  AND  the author of Willobie His Avisa was Richard Barnfield.

My challenge to all readers is to go back and reread the libel Willobie His Avisa with fresh eyes .

Have fun  decoding 


Best wishes to all. 


Michael Mooten.