Willobie His Avisa



 The central purpose of the libel Willobie His Avisa is not to praise Avisa it is to covertly attack Penelope Rich..


Wriothesley has long been the favored candidate for Shakespeare's young man , why could he not also be the prime candidate for Barnfield ?

Works for me.

George Klawitter

Shakespearean Scholar, World expert on Richard Barnfield.



Shakespearean scholars need to revisit the libel Willobie His Avisa  with fresh eyes , scholars both serious and amateur are now finally starting to realize that the book is not about Queen Elizabeth 1st.and is  indeed referring to  Penelope Rich.

The Shakespearean Scholar Ian Wilson,  was the first to make this vital observation and this sole observation represents one of the most important steps ever made in understanding the Shakespearean sonnets .

The work is telling us something important, and something  that wasn't historically recorded about Penelope Rich , Henry Wriothesley and William Shakespeare.

Prof George Klawitter (The modern editor of Richard Barnfield) independently realized that the character Ganymede  from Barnfield's   The Affectionate Shepherd  was intended to be Henry Wriothesley  it is of huge importance that The Affectionate Shepherd was ironically dedicated to ... Penelope Rich.

In Astrophel and Stella  Penelope Rich was exalted by Philip Sidney  but she was also libeled twice  in 1594  - If  Willobie His Avisa and The Affectionate Shepherd were both attacking Penelope Rich - then what exactly do these libels reveal ?

Scholars have long thought that Shakespeare's sonnets were describing real life events

The poets Petrarch, .Spencer, Drayton , Sidney and Daniel   all wrote sonnet sequences that were autobiographical and so did Shakespeare . What is different with Shakespeare is that his sequence is  dealing with forbidden love this means it is unlikely that we will find the answer in formal historical documents rather  the best place to look  is going to be in the  libels that were directed against Shakespeare.  These libels give us the map and lead directly to a treasure that has remained hidden for over four hundred years.


Libels are always based on real people and often do describe real events. Libels sometimes record events that  evade formal historical documentation.

The book Willobie His Avisa  is an ironic libel   that is looking to dish the dirt on  a female aristocrat.when we realize this then the full meaning of the work and who it is referring to  becomes unmistakable.

I have no doubt that the book is part of a narrative that the Rival Poet Richard Barnfield opened with Henry Wriothesley. I suspect  Richard Barnfield  had a hand  in  this libel. ( But may not have been the sole author).

The search for the protagonists of Shakespeare's sonnets is a treasure hunt that is open to everyone .The treasure can definitely be found ... with the correct map...

My message to  all researchers who don't come from "the right schools"," the right background" or even" the right country" is don't give up .

Shakespeare himself was a commoner who didn't  just write for academics he  wrote for ALL people  and in that context alone it is the  common people  who are the best qualified  to understand him.

Best wishes to all

Michael Mooten.



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